Han's TCS has the complete production line from chips bonding and packaging to optical fiber coupling, it is a powerful manufacturer of high-quality semiconductor laser products.
  • Pumping Source
  • Processing & lighting series
  • KW semiconductor laser system
  • Medical & beauty series
  • Visible series

    Pumping source

    Han's TCS provides fiber coupled laser diode with high efficiency of electro-optical conversion. Output fiber length can be customized. Connector optional. Air cooling or water cooling optional. Free maintenance operation.


    Industrial and Material Processing

    Applications: Plastic Welding, Metal Welding, Illumination and Night Vision.


    Kilowatts Semiconductor Laser System

    Output power 1kW/2kW/3kW, QBH connector. Application including metal welding, cladding and material processing.


    Medical and Cosmetology

    Applications: Laser Scalpel, Hair Removal and Dental Treatment.


    High Power Visible Light

    High efficiency of electro-optical 450nm, 520nm, 635nm wavelength optional. Applications including 3D Printing, None-mask Lihtography, Medical, Laser Display and Material Processing.


Founded in 2011 year in Beijing, China, Han's TCS is a subsidary company of HAN'S LASER, sepcialized in manufacturing of fiber coupled laser modules with power from ten to hundreds of watts and covering 405nm to 1550nm wavelength. HAN'S TCS has the complete productation process such as chip bonding, sub-assembly, coupling and packaging.


High-quality semiconductor laser manufacturer

Han's TianCheng Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Tel: 86-10-67808515 E-maill:[email protected]
Add: Building 17, Han's Enterprise Bay, No.8, Liangshuihe No.2 Street, Beijing Development Area, Beijing 100176, China.

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